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Explore a demo

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To see what the Kumulos platform can do and how you could use this to increase engagement, retention and conversion in your app, explore our demo app. First, sign up for a free trial at and when you are redirected to your Kumulos console, click "Explore!"

Explore a demo

This will add King Burger's fictitious Cloud Burger app to your console, pre-populated with demo users and analytics events. From here, you can now explore the App Store Optimization, Analytics, Push Notifications & In-App Messaging and Crash Reporting & Diagnostics features from the left-hand navigation menu.

Cloud Burger

Cloud Burger is a fictitious app populated with demo users and analytics events. As such, it is not possible to use all of the Kumulos features, for example to actually send a push notification or in-app message, with Cloud Burger. If you want to test the Kumulos features in a real app, then you can do this with our Companion App. Read on for more details...