The following short video will give you a quick overview of how to use the App Build feature within Kumulos.

Enabling Build

Head to your app in the console, and click "Start" on the Build feature item.

Enable Build

This will prompt you to choose your preferred data hosting option, discussed below.

Choosing Data Hosting

When enabling the Build feature, you will be asked to choose which data hosting option you would like.

New Managed Database

This option uses a database that is fully managed by Kumulos. This makes it easy to get going, and provides the quickest route to setup. Recommended if you don't want to maintain your own database servers.

Managed Data Hosting

Hookup Existing Database

Hookup allows you to connect Kumulos to an existing MySQL database. This means that your existing tables and data can be accessed through Kumulos, and any new tables you create will be stored on your data servers.

Hookup Existing Data Hosting

After choosing your preferred data hosting option, click "Enable" to continue.

For more about using Hookup, please refer to the Hookup tables documentation.

Iterative Development

To continue developing your application, you'll most likely need to iterate through the following steps to get things right.

Whilst you iterate your development, you can test your app on up to 25 different devices.

Going Live

Kumulos is free to use on up to 25 test devices for 30 days while your app is in development. After this, you must switch your app into production mode to remove these device and time-based limits (and also allow you to create a staging environment for your app).

This should be done prior to store submission (so that your app is not rejected due to exceeding device or time-based usage limits during the approval process).

The first time you are ready to switch an app into production, you must create a new billing subscription.

Bringing Your Team On Board

So you've got the hang of Kumulos, and your app development is picking up pace. It could be time to bring more developers on board to start other projects, or finish the development and testing of your current one.

Kumulos suits multi-faceted teams of developers working in many configurations. It gives you fine control over what your colleagues can do with your Kumulos apps. To see how easy it is to get your team involved, refer to the managing users documentation.