The care dashboard allows you to take a complete backup of your app's data as well as monitoring the link to an external database if your app uses Hookup.

This allows you to, for example, restore an individual user of your App to a previous state, recover accidentally deleted data, or export the data for further analysis.

If you have selected to use your own external database provider via Hookup then you can still download and backup any tables and their data used by the Kumulos app, but we do not take any responsibility for the maintenance or downtime of external databases.

For all apps using managed cloud databases in our Build service, Kumulos maintains both hot-standbys for failover and nightly backups for the purposes of disaster recovery guaranteeing that even in the worst case scenario, we will always be able to restore Kumulos to a point no more than 24 hours ago. However, Kumulos cannot offer the ability to restore an individual apps data to a point in the past. For this, use the Backup feature from the App Care dashboard as described below.

Backing up your App's Tables and Data

You can download the structure and contents of your app's data tables at any time, regardless of the selected data provider.

Click the "Download" button and a temporary zip file will be created containing a CSV export that your browser can download.

The console will show a warning for any App which uses the Kumulos Managed Cloud data service that has not been backed up within the last 7 days.

Download Data

To backup very large databases, you may need to contact contact technical support, who will be happy to assist.

Checking on Hookup status

The current state of the Hookup connection can be viewed from the care dashboard, this widget will highlight any latency or connection issues which can affect your app's performance.

Any error state will also bubble up to the various dashboard views in the form of an alarm badge or status text.

It is possible to edit the Hookup connection details directly from here by clicking the cog icon on the Hookup card.

Hookup Status OK

Note Hookup applications will not warn you when you have not backed up the data as this is the responsibility of the external database administrator.