Automations allow you to use events as a trigger to fire actions. For example, you can send an email when a user enters a geofence or if a user does not complete a journey such as checkout. You can also use Automations to schedule recurring push notification and in-app messaging campaigns in advance, for example to promote a special offer each week in July, to save you having to create separate messages each week.

In this recipe, we'll show you how you can create an Automation that will send a promotional push notification to all users in a geofence every Wednesday and Friday in the month of July using the example of CloudBurger, a New York based burger chain, who are running a special 'Burger and a Beer for $10' promotion.


This recipe assumes that you have Messaging enabled.


We need to add a new automation for our campaign, click on the app, expand "Messaging" in the left menu, select "Automation" and click the primary action button to add a new Automation.

Give the automation a meaningful name and then define the availability period. In our example, we want to send this push every Wednesday and Friday in the month of July so we'll set the start date to 1st July and the end date to 31st July. Then, from the 'Available Days' drop-down, we'll select 'Only on Selected Days' and select Wednesday and Friday.

Recurring Campaigns - Add Automation

Click Save to add the Automation.

Now we need to add a rule to our automation by clicking the '+' primary action button. A rule is comprised of a trigger (audience and event) and one or more actions.

The first thing we need to do is decide who can trigger this rule. In this example, we're going to select those users who opted in to receive special offers (and so are subscribed to that channel) and are in proximity to one of our participating restaurants in New York (within a geofence matching the New York tag).

Recurring Campaigns - Audience Trigger

Click Next to define the event that will trigger the rule.

In this example, we want to catch people just as they are leaving work, so we'll select 'Daily' as the trigger event and then 5pm as the time we want the trigger to fire.

Recurring Campaigns - Event Trigger

Click Next and we can now define the action to perform when the trigger fires every Wednesday and Friday in July. We want to send a push notification that will entice weary commuters into our restaurants so we'll select 'Send push notification' as the Action Type.

We'll give the push a title and a message and we're also going to add an appealing image from the Unsplash stock image library. Click 'Choose Image' to open your Media Library and then the 'Stock' tab. Search for and select a suitable image for our push notification.

Recurring Campaigns - Action

Click 'Done' to add the push notification action and then 'Save' to add the rule to the automation.

Further reading

Please see Automation docs for more details on triggers and actions.