Once configured, your Crash Dashboard will quickly show you how often your app is crashing, where and on what devices as well as how many installs of your app are crash free.

Crash Dashboard

Filtering Dashboard

If you have both iOS and Android versions of your app, then your Crash Dashboard is a single-pane-of-glass for all issues affecting your apps. However, you can use the drop down menus at the top of the Dashboard to view the trends over different time periods or for specific operating system versions only.

Filtering Issues

You can filter issues by:

  • Type (Fatal or Non-Fatal)
  • Status (New, In Progress, Blocked, Fixed, Unable to Reproduce, Rejected)
  • Operating System version
  • Timeframe (Past 30 days, Past 60 days or Past 90 days)

You can multi-select options from each drop-down. Click "Apply" to update the Dashboard.

Location Map

The location map shows how crashes are distributed between different cities and countries. You can click on the map to expand and interact with it (drag, zoom in/out etc). When expanded, click on any location to see how many crashes have occurred.

Location Map

Kumulos uses GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind and available from http://www.maxmind.com.

Affected Installs

The affected installs chart shows how many installs have experienced at least one or more crash. Hover over any point to see absolute numbers.

Affected Installs

Crash Free Installs

The widget shows the percentage of crash free installs and the total number of installs of the app.

Crash free installs


The crashes by hardware table shows the manufacturer and model on which crashes are occurring allow you to quickly identify any trends and on which devices to test. For each model, the table shows:

  • The number of crashes that have occurred and what percentage of all crashes that constitutes
  • The number of affected installs and what percentage of the active installs of that model have experienced at least one crash
  • The number of installs that are active on that model and what percentage of total active installs that constitutes

Crashes by hardware


Integrations shows the status of Slack, Trello and Jira integration if they have been configured.