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How much does Kumulos cost?

For details of our pricing, please see the pricing page on our website.

Kumulos features are free to use on up to 25 test devices for up to 30 days while your app is in development. After this, you must either switch features off or add features to your subscription to remove these device and time-based limits (and also allow you to create a staging environment for your app).

This should be done prior to store submission (so that your app is not rejected due to exceeding device or time-based usage limits during the approval process).

The first time you buy a feature you have bought, you need to create a new billing subscription by adding payment card details. However, there is no minimum contract and fantastic technical support is included.

Can I give my clients a login?

Yes, you can enable the Client Portal for your clients and invite them to join so they can view the analytics and reports for their app and you can share files and links with them. You can even let clients login from your agency website.

Can I download my data?

Yes, you can backup data upto 500MB, from the Build Dashboard, by clicking ‘Download’. Your data will be compressed into a Zip file for download. For data over 500MB, please contact technical support who will be happy to help.

Can I use my own database?

Yes, you can currently use your own MySQL server to host your app’s data by using Hookup. When enabling the build service for an application, you will be given the choice of hosting your data in a new managed database in the Kumulos Cloud, or using your own MySQL database (Hookup). For more details on using Hookup, including server requirements, please refer to the hookup documentation

Can I use Kumulos for a web app?

Yes, you can call your API methods from a website via our REST API, PHP SDK, or JSON RPC Interface.

Can I use KScripts for server-side jobs?

Yes, server-side jobs are written in KScript, but this not enabled by default as the majority of use cases can be satisfied via API Methods. If you have no 'Create some KScripts' button (i.e. the 'Create some KScripts' button is missing) and you wish to add server-side jobs, please contact technical support who will be happy to enable KScripts for you.

Once you receive an email confirming that KScript has been enabled for your app, you can then create KScript methods from the API tab of your application in Kumulos. Underneath the 'Create API' button, there will now be a 'Create Some KScript' button once its enabled on your app. Please refer to the KScript reference for further instructions.

Can I store geolocation data in Kumulos?

Yes, we would recommend using two float fields (one for latitude, one for longitude). This will allow rough bounding box search queries. For radius lookup, we would recommend that we enable our KScript for your app which will allow you to execute Javascript.

You can also use Geofences and Beacons trigger automated push notification campaigns. Kumulos supports both iBeacon and Eddystone protocols.

Can I store images or audio files?

Yes, you can store image, audio and other binary data in data fields. If you are using the Android SDK or the JSON RPC Interface then you must base64 encode the binary data before transport. Similarly, when you receive data from Kumulos, you will have to base64 decode it to access the original data. The iOS SDK does this automatically.

Can I join tables in Kumulos?

Yes, Kumulos allows you to model one-to-one and one-to-many (and therefore many-to-many) relationships via the Belongs To data type and there are examples on how to do this in the App Build documentation. You can then filter the data returned from your API Methods by the joined table

Can I send an email with Kumulos?

Yes, you can write a KScript method to integrate with any transactional email service. In our Cookbook, we have recipes for SendGrid Integration, Mailgun Integration and Mandrill Integration.

Can I send an SMS with Kumulos?

Yes, you can write a KScript method to integrate with any transactional SMS service. In our Cookbook, we have a recipe for Twilio Integration.

Can I send push notifications?

Yes! You can schedule marketing campaigns from the console or send push notifications automatically in response to events by using Automations, for example, when a user enters a Geofence, or via the Push API.

Does Kumulos support social login?

Yes, the Facebook SDK is available within KScript and in our Cookbook we have a recipe illustrating how Facebook integration can be achieved.

Does Kumulos have a Swift SDK?

Yes, the Kumulos Swift SDK is hosted on GitHub. Please see the integration guide for details of how to add this to your project.

Where is Kumulos hosted?

Kumulos is hosted with Digital Ocean, one of the world's largest providers of dedicated and cloud-based hosting, with whom we have enjoyed a long and close working relationship. If you require further details, please contact technical support. Remember, details of any unplanned interruptions in service or scheduled maintenance will be posted on our status site