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To fully focus on our award winning Web and Mobile Messaging, Analytics and Deferred Deep Linking solutions, Crash Reporting and API Monitoring Checks will be retired on 31st December 2022. Please see here for more details.

You work hard to acquire users for your app, but they will have no hesitation uninstalling your app if it crashes, has bugs or is slow. Crash Reporting & Diagnostics gives you complete visibility of the technical performance of your app and all the services it depends on to function so you can be proactive and minimize the impact of any problems on your audience.

Monitoring Checks

Add Monitoring Checks to track the performance of the services your app depends on to function. Are all API Endpoints reachable? Returning the correct response code? Returning data to your app in the expected format? And how long do they take to do this? Monitoring checks will alert you to any problems before they impact your audience.

Detailed Results

Crash Reporting

Enable Crash Reporting to track unhandled exceptions in your app. Related issues will be grouped together so you can see the issues that are having the biggest impact, where in the app they are occurring and on which devices.



Kumulos can integrate with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Trello and Jira so your team can be notified immediately when new problems occur, and then track the development and testing of the fix in the existing tools you are already using to manage your development process.

This will allow you to prioritize fixes, safeguard the user experience and retain users for longer.

Monitoring Checks do not require an SDK integration. Crash Reporting is supported in our Objective-C, Swift, Android, Cordova & Ionic & Capacitor, React Native and Unity SDKs.