Welcome to Kumulos - The Mobile App Performance Management (mAPM) Platform!

The technical performance and commercial success of an app are intrinsically linked. Kumulos is the only platform that gives you complete visibility of how well an app is performing technically, how this is impacting the audience and the ability to use this analytics to target automated push notification campaigns to increase engagement...

Push Notifications

Your Kumulos console provides a single-pane-of-glass to manage all of your clients and all of their apps. The feature set is tailor made for busy mobile app developers and development agencies.


App Store Optimization lets you see how well your app is performing in the App Store and Play Store, including recent reviews and how your app ranks for certain keyword searches vs. competitive apps.

ASO Dashboard


Analytics collates all the data from ASO, Push and Crash together with the usage of the app itself to give vital insights into the audience (who is using the app, where and on what device), retention (who is still active after 7 or 30 days), engagement (when is the app used and for how long) and conversion (through key user journeys) as well as how well the app is performing. All of this helps you make informed decisions on how to drive more downloads, increase retention and conversion.


Reporting then lets you generate weekly and monthly reports summarizing who is using your app, how engaged they are with your app and how well the app is performing. Once enabled, you can run as many reports as needed, annotating and customizing the content if required prior to delivery to your client.

Crash Reporting

Crash Reporting alerts you when exceptions occur in your app, providing all of the information needed to pro-actively prioritize and fix issues before they negatively impact retention rates.

Crash Dashboard

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are an effective way to keep users engaged with an app. With Kumulos, you can schedule marketing campaigns from the console or send push notifications automatically in response to events via KScript, the Push API and Automations. For example, when a user enters a Geofence you can send them a push notification automatically.


Once enabled, you can send unlimited push notifications to installations of your app on iOS and Android devices, via the native Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) and Google Cloud Messaging (GCM/FCM). You can use segments, channels, Geofences and Beacons to target your audience, trigger automations and schedule campaigns.

Mobile Backend-as-a-Service

App Build is our mobile Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) feature to manage the content in your app via easy-to-use, SQL based data storage in the cloud and RPC API Methods to access and manipulate data from one of our many mobile SDKs (including Objective-C, Swift, Android, Cordova, Xamarin, React Native, Unity and more) or server-side, via REST, PHP or any HTTP Client.


Client Portal

Running an agency? Great! Kumulos is the only platform for mobile app developers that will save you time and money during the app build and make you money once the app is launched.

Invite your clients to login to their own client portal where they can view the analytics and reports for their app and you can share files and links with them.

Rebrand your console, the client portal and reports with your own logo, colors and subdomain so it is your brand that your clients see when they login.

Agency Console Branded

Keep life simple with Kumulos - All of your clients, all of their apps, all in one place!