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Welcome to Kumulos - The Mobile User Engagement Platform!

Deliver the right message to the right user, in the right location at the right time. Retain and engage your audience and drive real business results from your mobile app.

In-App Message

All Kumulos features are designed to help you retain and engage the audience of your app. After all, it is how today’s customers, guests, fans and loyalty card members want to interact with your brand or business. Whether your app is intended to improve the guest experience for holidaymakers who visit your resorts, engage sports fans on match-day, both inside and outside of the venue or to increase footfall to your franchises and improve the in-store ordering experience, effective engagement involves delivering the right message to the right user at the right time.

The Kumulos feature set is tailor made for busy app developers and mobile marketers to do just that.

Push Notifications & In-App Messaging

Push Notifications are an effective way to keep users engaged with an app. With Kumulos, you can schedule marketing campaigns from the console or send push notifications automatically in response to events by using Automations, for example, when a user enters a Geofence, or via the Push API.

Push Notification

In-app messaging allows you to deliver rich, personalized content to users whilst they are in the app. Use in-app messaging to boost conversion through the on-boarding journey, highlight special offers, ask users to rate your app, subscribe to receive push notifications and much more.

In-App Message Layout

Push notifications and in-app messaging can be combined and used together for maximum effect. Once enabled and configured, you will be able to send unlimited push notifications and in-app messages to users of your app on both iOS and Android devices. You can use segments, channels, geofences and beacons to target your audience, trigger automations and schedule campaigns.


Web push notifications extends the power of the Kumulos Mobile Engagement Platform to the web, so you can retain and engage users on your website or web app (incl. PWA) with all of the same user and behaviour-based segmentation and targeting as is available for hybrid and native mobile apps.

Web Push Notifications

Deferred Deep Linking

Deferred Deep Linking lets you safely use other marketing and communication channels such as email, SMS or social channels to target your users and direct them to relevant content or offers within your app. For example to send an SMS saying their order is out for delivery with a link to track the delivery in your app. Or, to send an email campaign with a time-limited special offer with a link to the product in your app. You could even use a deferred deep link to get customers to download your loyalty program app by scanning a QR Code when they are paying for their coffee!

Deferred Deep Link

The difference between a Deferred Deep Link and a regular deep link is that it handles the scenario where your user opens the link on a device that does not have your app installed. For example if they open your email on their laptop, no problem - they will be redirected to your web store. Or if they don't have your app installed when they open your SMS, no problem - they will be redirected to the App Store to download your app. Then when they open your app, they can be taken straight to the page to track their delivery. Thus, deferred deep links are a great way to promote and acquire new users for your app.

Web-to-App Banners

Example Web-to-App Banner

Web-to-App banners are a powerful extension of Deferred Deep Linking that can drive users from your mobile website to your mobile app, with optional incentives such as a 20% discount off their first order using the app. Web-to-App banners will detect if this is a new user who first needs to install the app or an existing user who already has the app installed but has now revisited the website. In both cases they will be directed to your mobile app for the best possible experience.

Audience & Engagement Analytics

Analytics collates all of the data from Messaging and Diagnostics together with the usage of the app itself to give vital insights into the audience (who is using the app, where and on what devices), user retention (who is still active after 7 or 30 days), engagement (when is the app used and for how long) and conversion (through key user journeys). All of this helps you make informed decisions on how to refine your messaging strategy and campaigns to increase retention, engagement and conversion.

Analytics events can be used to trigger automations such as run a script or send a push notification.

Measure conversion

Reporting lets you generate weekly and monthly reports summarizing who is using your app, how engaged they are with your app and how well the app is performing. You can run as many reports as needed, annotating and customizing the content if required prior to delivery to your client.

The RESTful Analytics API lets you access the underlying data should you wish to present elsewhere.