To explore analytics events from an app, click 'Explore' in the left menu. This will show the count of all analytics events, including system events such as opened a push notification, recorded by installs of the app in the last 30 days. For comparison, the total number of sessions in the same period is shown.

Explore events

Filtering and Grouping

To change the period for which events are shown, click the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' pickers. To compare relative counts of events from different cohorts, click 'Group' and select a dimension.

Explore events by group

Operating system is the only dimension currently available to cohort events but it will soon be possible to cohort by other dimensions such as app version, user attributes or metadata from the events themselves.

Hide System events

To hide system events such as opened a push notification, click the "Hide System Events" toggle.

Explore events hiding system events

To show system events again, click the "Show System Events" toggle

Export to CSV

To export the events (with the current filtering and grouping) to CSV, click the "EXPORT" button.

Explore events and export to CSV