Adding an App

To add a new App to the console click the primary action button while viewing a client.

Client Dashboard

Fill in the name of the App, and optionally, add a brief description or upload an icon. Click "Save".

Create an App

You will now be redirected to the dashboard for that app.

Editing an App

From the Client dashboard, use the context action on the App card you wish to edit, select "Edit"

Context menu

Edit option

Make any edits you wish, then click "Save" to return to the Client dashboard.

Deleting an App

To delete an App, from the Client dashboard use the context action on the App card you wish to delete, select "Delete"

Edit option

You will be prompted to confirm the deletion.

Client Card Menu

After deletion the App will be removed from the console.

Moving an App to another Client

To move an App to another Client, simply edit the App and select a new Client from the dropdown, click "Save" to confirm.

Moving an App

The App Dashboard

The App Dashboard shows detailed information about an app, such as the API Keys required to authenticate that app, as well as the status of the features that have been enabled for that app. From here you can also access the files and links for that app.

App Dashboard

Enabling features for Apps

To enable a feature for an app, click the "Start" button on the app dashboard for the required feature.

Select Start

This will then start the setup process for that feature. For further details, refer to the documentation for that feature. For example App Store Optimization.

Launching your App

Kumulos features are free to use on up to 25 test devices for 30 days while your app is in development. After this, you must switch your app into production mode to remove these device and time-based limits (and also allow you to create a staging environment for your app).

This should be done prior to store submission (so that your app is not rejected due to exceeding device or time-based usage limits during the approval process).

Build Dashboard

The first time you are ready to switch an app into production, you must create a new billing subscription.

Creating a staging environment

After an app is in production it can be useful to create complete copies of the app so that bugs can be fixed on a test version, or new features can be added in a staging version of an existing app. This can be accomplished on any App that is currently in production.

While viewing the App from the Client or App dashboard use the context action and select "Copy"

Click Copy

The create environment dialog will appear, prompting for a name for the new copy of the app. The suggested title will append '_staging' to the current app name. Click 'Submit' to start the copy process.

Create environment dialog

Once the process has completed the dialog will provide feedback and a link to the newly created app, simply click the button to open its dashboard.

Copy Complete

If you want to promote any changes to API Methods from a staging environment to your live app, then please contact support who will be happy to do this for you.