Push Notifications are an effective way to keep users engaged with an app. With Kumulos, you can schedule marketing campaigns from the console or send push notifications automatically in response to events by using Automations, for example, when a user enters a Geofence, or via the Push API.

Once enabled and configured, you will be able to send unlimited push notifications to installations of your app on iOS and Android devices, via the native Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) and Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM).

Push Dashboard

Kumulos provides three ways to target who you are sending notifications to.

You can build audience segments to target specific users of your app by applying filters to data captured from the install, such as location (e.g. country and city), operating system (e.g. iOS or Android) and the version of the app (e.g. to encourage users to update).

You can use channels to categorize the content you send and let users subscribe to content relevant to them.

You can define Geofences to target installs within a specific area or within a certain radius of a fixed point on a map (e.g. within 1000m of a retail outlet that is running a promotion).


You can also add Beacons to target installs when they come into proximity of that beacon.

You can then send notifications as part of a marketing campaign from your agency console and/or let your clients send push notifications from their client portal. You can Schedule notifications in advance to be sent in the future. You can also create automation rules to automatically send push notifications on a trigger such as a device entering or exiting a Geofence or failing to complete a user journey, such as checkout.

Compose notification

If you want to send notifications when specific events occur in your app, you can do this in one of two ways. If you use the Build feature of Kumulos to host the backend of your app, you can send push notifications via Kscripts (for example: when a user has a new chat message or a post gets a new like). Alternatively, you can send push notifications from, and report open rates and conversions to, any other backend system using the Push API.

Push is currently supported in the Obj-C and Swift SDKs for iOS, the Android SDK, the Cordova SDK, the Xamarin SDK, the ReactNative SDK and the Unity SDK.