Kumulos features can be accessed by integrating one of our mobile and desktop SDKs into your application, or server-side via one of our web APIs.

Mobile and Desktop SDKs

Kumulos has SDKs for Objective-C, Swift, Android, Cordova (that can also be used with the Ionic framework), Xamarin, Unity, React Native and more. The following table shows which features are currently supported within each SDK.

Mobile SDKs

If you want to access Kumulos from another platform or language other than those listed below, please contact us to discuss options.

Server-side Web APIs

The Push API can be used to send notifications from, and report open rates and conversions to, any other backend system. The Analytics API can be used to extract aggregated audience, engagement and retention counts.

If you want to iterate over raw analytics events, for example to perform your own aggregations, you can use the Analytics iterator in Kscript

Finally, you can access and manipulate data stored in the Backend, via RESTful Data Interface, our PHP client or using our JSON RPC Interface from any HTTP Client.

Web APIs